MCBio FYxoss

The FYxoss line have been specifically designed for use on the Yxoss® grids produced by Reoss®.

Ultra-thin flat head

The FYxoss screws are characterized by an ultra-thin flat head, which offers important advantages compared to conventional screw heads. The screws, thanks to their diameter of 1.35 mm can be inserted inside the open lobes typical of these grids.


Good to see is the extremely flat screw head, the rounded surfaces and edges and the adaptation to the Yxoss® grid.



These FYxoss screws are characterised by the following features:

  • 1.35 mm external ø of the thread, perfectly compatible with the Yxoss ® grids, since the openings are larger than the diameter
  • Ø 3.0 mm head screw; enough to provide excellent support without overcovering the grid openings.
  • 0.3-0.4mm head thickness
  • Material: The Ti GR5 used for FYxoss screws is in compliance with ASTM F136. This guarantees the biocompatibility of the metal matrix
  • Long-pitch and trapezoidal threading, thanks to which the screwing torque is very low, but still guaranteeing a very safe grip even in very soft bone maximum thread length 7mm; Length more than enough for a safe grip in the bone. The excess part of the 7mm thread has a cylindrical shape, ensuring reduced resistance during unscrewing as well as greater rigidity of the screw.
  • 0.9mm square wrench; excellent grip and directionality of the screw during its insertion and guarantee of locking in any situation.
  • The FYxoss screws, in order to avoid damaging force on the grates, foresee a preparation drilling.


The FYxoss screws are characterized by an ultrathin flat head that allow important advantages if compared with the traditional screw jeads.

  • The bottom of the head is perfectly flat for an optimal contact with the Yxoss surface. This geometry also reduces the local forces that may warp the forms of the Yxoss mesh.
  • The upper surface of the FYxoss screws has a soft curve that connects with the rounded sides. Consequently, the FYxoss screws provide a very smooth and soft transition with soft tissues.
  • There are no edges (typically present on the screws with cross fitting) on the upper surface of the FYxoss screws and this shape reduce a lot the stress of the soft tissues.


About FYxoss

You can find more information about FYxoss in the attached brochure. If you have any further questions about FYxoss, please do not hesitate to contact our employees.

Notes on use

Considering the characteristic construction of the Yxoss grids, with "feet" whose assignment is to lean on the receiving bone, it is important that the screws are screwed properly. In fact the screws must be carried with the subhead resting on the grill, but without exceeding the tightening.

For the correct use of FYxoss screws, the maximum torque values applicable must be observed. As indicated on the instruction booklets, the maximum screw torque value must be limited for the 1.35 mm screws. This value must never exceed 4.5 N cm.


FYxoss Equipment

FYxoss surgical box

The FYxoss surgical box allows the housing of a set of instruments and the stainless steel hand driver.

Stainless steel hand driver

Stainless steel hand driver with handle in plastic polymer for medical use, sterilizable in steam autoclave. Suitable to house tips with different sizes.



2 tips with 0.9mm square wrench. Available in two different lengths.

Contra-angle screwdriver

long and short type

Plug-in bit for power tool

  • Straight motor drill
  • Hardened Stainless steel drills.
  • Suggested rpm: about 200 rpm.

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