ReOss® Technology

When building up new bone to compensate for bony insufficiencies or defects in the jaw, an important success factor is meeting the highest aesthetic expectations. A sufficient amount of bone is a prerequisite to anchor dental implants safely and aesthetically perfect in the bone. ReOss® manufactured products, consist of the purest titanium grid structure formed to personally fit the bone defect of each patient. Through this, an exact shape of the newly formed bone is made possible.

Tailor-Made Bone Regeneration

The ReOss® technology successfully unites function and design

  • Guaranteed augmentation volume with profound stability
  • Predictable and reproducible results
  • Anatomical shaping and tissue compatibility
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to use and significantly shorter operating time
  • Regeneration of difficult bone defects possible
  • Quick and variable fixation as well as easy removal (Easy Removal Design)

Individual ReOss® Solutions

With the Customized Bone Regeneration (CBR®) technology, Dr. Marcus Seiler DDS, MSc, Filderstadt (Germany) developed the first computer-assisted process for the production of custom molded protective meshes for undisturbed bone healing. The process is patented worldwide and allows every surgically qualified dentist in simple steps to create patient-specific solutions.

Leading Dentists rely on the individualized solutions of ReOss®:

  • Yxoss CBR® made bone leads to high implant survival rates comparable to implants placed in natural bone.
  • Yxoss CBR® is easy to apply and can be used in a variety of indications.

The use of titanium grids has been validated in numerous operations with successful outcomes and has been documented in multiple scientific publications.


Creating new bone with titanium grids has earned my trust over the years.

Prof. Philipp Boyne, Loma Linda, USA



  • Yxoss Center Munich, Germany: Dr. Stephan Girthofer
  • Yxoss Center Filderstadt and Kirchheim u.T., Germany: Dr. Seiler und Kollegen