Yxoss CBR® Backward

ReOss® offers the possibility of integrated implant positioning in the surgical planning. By ordering 3D designs to Yxoss CBR® you can also order the 3D implant positioning to use the Yxoss CBR® scaffold as an orientation template.

You will receive within a few days the proposal by our technicians for the 3D design with the opening provided for positioning the implant pilot drill (see images 1 -. 4). After sending us your design approval, we will provide you the Yxoss CBR® scaffold for sterilization and implantation (see images 5 - 8).


With the reopening and exposing of the titanium scaffold the existing openings in Yxoss CBR® can be used for the positioning of the implant pilot drill (photos 1-2). After the scaffold is removed the further steps of positioning of the implant are performed.

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