Yxoss CBR® technology

When building up new bone in jaw defects, the final bone structure is an important success factor in order to meet the highest aesthetic standards. A sufficient amount of bone is a prerequisite for anchoring dental implants safely and aesthetically perfectly in the bone. The high-quality lattice structures made of pure titanium produced by ReOss® can be inserted precisely over the bone defect. This enables an exact shaping of the new bone to be formed.

Customized bone regeneration

The individually shaped Yxoss CBR® Meshs enable a previously unknown level of stability and accuracy of fit of the previously planned bone volume in bone augmentation procedures. As a result, they allow undisturbed bone healing free from pressure loads and other physical influences. With the patented process for the production of individual patient solutions, ReOss® offers high-quality individual products for "made-to-measure bone regeneration".

All Yxoss® precision constructions are subjected to a complete quality inspection. The products manufactured using computer technology therefore meet the highest standards guaranteed by ReOss® in all respects.

The ReOss technology combines function and design for succes

Individual solutions from ReOss®

Dr. Marcus Seiler MSc MSc, Filderstadt (Germany) developed the Customized Bone Regeneration Technique (CBR®) process, the first computer-controlled process for the production of individually shaped protective grids for undisturbed bone healing. The process is patented worldwide and can provide every surgically active dentist with a patient-specific solution in simple steps.

Leading dentists rely on the individual solutions from ReOss:

The use of titanium lattices has been validated in numerous surgeries with successful application and testing and has been documented in multiple scientific publications.

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