Dense microstructure enables even easier removal

Designed for even easier removal

The open structure of Yxoss CBR® classic enables periosteal vascularization that is essential for bone regeneration. In certain cases, excessive bone formation in the apical part of the titanium scaffold can hamper its removal due to soft and hard tissue ingrowth. To overcome this challenge Yxoss CBR® protect features a microporous structure in the apical area which allows an even easier removal.

Features of Yxoss CBR® protect

Dense microstructure for apical edge zones1

  • Protects the apical area from soft and hard tissue ingrowth
  • Enables even easier removal

1 The appearance of the finished product may differ from the rendering of the structure.

Open structure

In the upper part of the scaffold, the periosteal blood supply continues to be promoted by the open structure.

Biological background

Periosteal nutrition: +++

Maturation of the bone is dependent on the vascularization of the periosteal vessels

Ingrowth of soft and hard tissue: NO

Higher occlusivity due to denser Yxoss CBR® protect structure leads to less intergrowth with tissue cells

Clinical cases - Yxoss CBR® protect

Horizontal/Vertical Defect (1 tooth gap) – Anterior Maxilla
Surgery and concept by Dr. Marcus Seiler Msc Msc (Filderstadt, Germany)

Horizontal/Vertical Defect (3 teeth gap) – Posterior Maxilla
Surgery and concept by Dr. Marcus Seiler Msc Msc (Filderstadt, Germany)

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