Yxoss SurgiGide®


Precision for your construction masterpiece

The creation of unique architecture starts with a vision. In implant dentistry, it all begins with a desirable aesthetic outcome that you have in mind. Following the backward planning principle ReOss® supports you with a comprehensive digital workflow to reach your target.

Backward planning at its best

First, we plan the ideal dental prostheses via computer-aided design using the patient's individual imaging data. Based on that the implants can be positioned and aligned in the optimal way. To ensure their solid foundation a customized bone regeneration (Yxoss CBR®) may be recommended.

Backward planning

Step by Step
towards your target

Wax-up 1
Implant positions 2
Yxoss SurgiGide® 3
Yxoss CBR®(optional) 4

Yxoss SurgiGide® – ReOss' new 3-D printed drilling template


  • Tailor-made based on your patient's individual imaging data
  • No additional planning software required


  • Precise implant planning following biologic and prosthetic parameters ensuring adequate distances and optimal bone anchorage
  • High safety respecting anatomical details such as location of nerves and sinus etc.


Multiple case-specific variants

  • Support: Tooth, mucosa or bone
  • Guidance:
    - Pilot (pre-drilling only)
    - Partially (drilling up to implant diameter)
    - Fully (implant insertion through template)
  • Optional: Support of sinus floor elevation


Yxoss SurgiGide® fully

Yxoss SurgiGide® sinus
for single-stage procedure

Clinical cases - Yxoss CBR® protect

Yxoss SurgiGide® pilot combined with Yxoss CBR® protect
All surgeries and concepts by Dr. Marcus Seiler MSc MSc (Filderstadt, Germany)

Yxoss SurgiGide® sinus combined with Yxoss CBR® protect

Yxoss SurgiGide® fully (alone)

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