Yxoss CBR®

enables customized
bone augmentation

Predictable bone augmentation

In the augmentation of bone defects, the final bone structure is an important success factor in order to achieve the highest esthetic standards. Positional stability and shape are of the highest priority for the selected bone augmentation material.

The individually shaped Yxoss CBR® titanium scaffold enable a stability and accuracy of fit of the previously planned augmentation volume that was unknown in augmentation procedures before. With the patented process for manufacturing individual patient solutions, ReOss® offers high-quality individual products for "customized bone regeneration".

Yxoss CBR® - the future is now

The first customized 3-D printed bone regeneration solution for complex bone defects

Innovative solution for regenerating complex alveolar bone defects by taking advantage of CBCT data combined with 3-D printing technology
Opportunity to reduce surgery time without complex adaptations
High stability and space maintenance
ReOss® calculates the necessary augmentation volume for your case planning
Easy Removal Design® with pre-defined breaking for easy removal of Yxoss CBR® on re-entry
Optional: Unique integrated prosthesis positioning in the surgical planning Yxoss CBR® Backward

Product line Yxoss CBR®

Yxoss CBR® classic

enables full periosteal vasuclarization

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Yxoss CBR® protect

protects the apical area from soft and hard tissue ingrowth

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Yxoss CBR® fully-protect

to fully protect your complex augmentations

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Yxoss CBR® backward

Implant positioning planning

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ReOss® - Quality and precision are our strenghts

ReOss® uses the most up-to-date CAD/CAM technology available to satisfy patient-specific requirements regarding a planned bone augmentation. In a patented process, a contoured, form-stable scaffold is 3-D printed out of the purest titanium based on CT or CBCT images, allowing for customized bone regeneration (CBR®).

Yxoss CBR® has revolutionized oral bone augmentation by customizing the commonly used "titanium mesh", using a digital workflow to fit the individual anatomy of each patient.

Each titanium scaffold is custom-made for a precision fit that accurately reflects the specific patient data provided. Time-consuming impressions, cutting, shaping and adapting are no longer necessary and sharp edges from cutting conventional meshes are entirely eliminated.

Online 3-D Design Viewer

You can easily review the customized scaffold design online via your PC, tablet, or smart phone. The high-resolution 3-D image can be rotated in any direction, zoomed for details as well as commented for change requests. No need to install an app.

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Interview with Prof. Matteo Chiapasco (Milan, Italy)

"This technique reduced the difficulties to less than half"

Reading aid

Surgical procedure step-by-step

The planning of the patient's case takes local and general patient-specific risk factors into consideration according to the principles of backward planning for implant positioning. The horizontal and vertical bony defect can be regenerated with Yxoss CBR® via bone regeneration. The following case highlights step-by-step the important procedures to regenerate the bone (horizontal and vertical) with the 3-D printing technology according to Dr. Marcus Seiler Msc Msc

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