Yxoss CBR® backward

Implant positioning planning

Have you ever customized the regenerative procedure together with a surgery guide for correct implant placement? ReOss® offers the option of integrated 3-D implant positioning in the surgical planning called Yxoss CBR® backward.

Features of Yxoss CBR® backward

The orientation where the implants will be placed while respecting the known biological parameters
Implant diameter and length based on the implant system you have selected
Usable as a bone-supported template for implant positioning

Yxoss CBR® backward - step by step

integrated 3-D implant positioning in the surgical planning

Diagnosis & order

When placing your order upon diagnostic imaging you can select the option Yxoss CBR® backward which will allow you to use the Yxoss CBR® scaffold as your surgical guide for implant positioning.

3-D planning & design

You will receive the proposal for the digital 3-D design with the opening provided for future positioning of the implant pilot drill. After sending your design approval to ReOss, you will receive the Yxoss CBR® scaffold for sterilization and implantation.

Implant placement

During simultaneous approach or at the time of reopening, Yxoss CBR® backward with its pre-existing openings can serve as your surgical guide for the positioning of the implant pilot drill Further implant insertion steps can be performed after the removal of the scaffold.

Prosthetic outcome

Once the healing process of bone and mucosa is complete the prosthetic crowns can be placed to finalize the treatment.

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